How is a reading performed?

How is a reading performed?

A reading typically lasts for 45-60 minutes. We sit across each other. I briefly close my eyes and create contact with your guides, and then I begin to tell you what I feel, see and hear.

You can come to me if you have a specific question about a situation in your life, or if you wish to be guided in a direction in your life, which is unclear to you. You can also come to me without any predefined purpose, but just to be updated on the life you are living.

I never tell you about death or accidents, but take your current life as my starting point. I do not need to know anything about you beforehand, and you are more than welcome to ask questions along the way.

I record our conversation and the audio file is sent to your email afterwards. Many details can be clarified during a reading, therefore it is nice to be able to listen to the reading later.

I have both private customers and companies as clients and there is 100 % anonymity and client confidentiality.

As a member of the Clairvoyant Society their ethical rules are followed.