Clairvoyant Advisor · Flemming Bille

Clairvoyant advisor

As a clairvoyant advisor, I can help you get the most out of your life as it is right now. I can also advise you on issues you want to solve, and I can give you answerss to most you questions.

My clients are using clairvoyance for many different things. Some use ir to get inspired for a new job, to rediscover energy and joy in life, while others use it as a kind of overview ogf lives – right now and going forward. You can get a lot out of clairvoyance, even though you don’t necessarily find yourself in a difficult situation.

In my experience, most want to know something about realtionships, children, or jobs, economy, health, and housing. But again it depends entirely on you as a client. Where are you in your life right now and what yoy want to hear about.
A reading can either be with me privately, by phone or by Skype. All are egually insightful and rewarding for you as a client.

I am a member og the Clairvoyant Society ( and as a clairvoyant counselor I ensure you complete secrecy. I am subject to a set of ethical guidelines so that you have a happy and secure experience as a client. This implies therefor that I can not give information about death, accidents and the like.